Voice SMS is a pre-recorded voice message that can be sent to mobile and landline network across the country. Voice SMS enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their mobile numbers through the fully automated application.

Usually, voice message length is 30 seconds or below, Once you upload the recording message and contact list into our panel, then our system will dial the recipients automatically and plays your pre-recorded voice message. Random landline number will be displayed on recipient phone, So he lifts the call and will listen to your message. Voice SMS helps you to grow your business. With Voice SMS you can interact with your customers and you can share your services/products information with your clients.

Voice SMS campaigns are used for multipurpose. We can use it for promotional campaigns as well as it is used to take customer feedback for your service/product.

Bulk Voice Call campaigns are suitable for Election Campaigns, for Social Cause Service Campaigns and other promotions.

Features of Voice SMS – Voice Call

  • You can interact with your customers in your own language.
  • Voice Call will reach to DND numbers also
  • You will charge for answered calls only, No charge for unpicked calls.
  • Our Panel supports Text to Speech option or You can record a message through the mobile and upload to our panel.
  • Our Panel Supports .mp3, .amr, .wav file formats.
  • A redial option is available if calls are not picked.