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Who We Are

Robust & Reliable Bulk SMS Provider In India
Adwings Digital Media is the leading SMS Marketing Company in India. We provide robust SMS platform, which is one stop solution for all your enterprise communication requirements.

Our Services

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is used for promoting or marketing purpose. Promotional SMS includes sales and marketing messages. These are may or may not be solicited by the recipient

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS also is known as informational SMS. It is used to convey information like sending OTP for verification, sending updates, alerts, reminders, etc to the people who are subscribed.

Voice SMS/Call

Voice SMS is a pre-recorded voice message that can be sent to mobile and landline network across the country.Voice SMS enables you to communicate with your customers by calling their mobile numbers through the fully automated application.

Missed Call Service

Missed call marketing is the simple concept of engaging people via a free phone call. Missed Call doesn’t cost a rupee but it can fetch your prospects. Companies will give one number in their advertisements.

Toll Free Service

A toll-free number is a telephone number preceded with three digits code. The toll-free number is free to make a phone call. When a customer calls a toll free number of a company, the customer will not be charged, instead, the bill is paid by the company.

Long Code

A Long Code is a standard phone number (10 digits) used to send and receive SMS and voice calls. Unlike shortcodes, businesses have their own long code numbers. Long code SMS is used for lead generation and receiving feedback from the customers.

Short Code

A Short Code is a 5- 6 digit number that can be used to send and receive SMS. Short Codes are used by businesses to allow customers to receive their SMS Campaigns, alerts and to sent votes via SMS in competitions.

Digital Marketing

This era became digital era having internet access round the clock. People are spending most of their time on the internet. They are looking for every need and finding them on the internet. This reason luring the business owners to go with digital marketing.

Adwings has web based SMS panel, you don’t need any software to send SMS.

Our SMS Panel is easy to use. Message will be sent to all over India to all networks including GSM & CDMA With more than ten years experience in web site building and marketing campaigns we are able and sure to provide our customers with the possibility to create the best seller product on the market.

Send messages with company/product/brand name as sender ID

Save messages in the draft box. Messages will be delivered instantly.

SMS scheduling

Upload excel sheet or copy paste your contact numbers into contact tab. With scheduling feature, you can schedule your SMS campaigns to sent in future by giving future date & time.

24/7 Support

We are offering lifetime validity SMS. Download delivery reports of all SMS campaigns.